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FIFA 22: EA surprises fans by giving Career Mode the long-awaited revamp

EA has finally heard the pleas of millions of fans as FIFA 22 career mode gets loads of new features

Friends playing FIFA on PlayStation

Friends playing FIFA on PlayStation

The new Career Mode allows players to create their own club, customise kits, stadiums and much more. 





The ‘Create a Club’ feature lets players bring their imaginary club to life. The newly created club can participate in any league the game features, replacing one of the existing clubs in the league. The club replaced will automatically move to the ‘Rest of the World’ list.


Players start by picking a name and a nickname for the club. The nickname, chosen from a predefined list of names, will be used by the commentary team. They will finally choose a rival club from within the league. Fixtures against the rival club will be treated with great importance in the news and broadcast coverage. 





Players can also customise their home and away kits, club’s crest and home stadium. There are loads of customisations to choose from, making each career experience uniquely different. Kits, Crest and Stadium can be changed at the start of every new season.


Stadium customisation in FIFA Career Mode is nothing new as the game’s older versions would let players upgrade their stadiums by investing in the stadium manager, though players had little control over how it looked. 


The new Career Mode, however, offers a lot more. Players can now set the stadium’s base colour, seat colour and other finer details such as the pitch pattern and the shape of the net. The atmosphere around the club can be changed as well, with dozens of goal songs, crowd chants and walkout anthems available to choose from, enabling the players to capture their club’s identity and style.



When creating a custom club, a squad of random players will be generated by the game, which can also be tweaked. Players have control over their squad’s star rating and average age. The nationality of the generated players is in line with the real world nationality makeup of the players in the chosen league. 


As senior game designer Alex Constantinescu puts it, "let’s assume that 7% of the players in the English Premier League have French nationality. Each time a player is generated for your squad in the English Premier League, there’s a 7% chance that they could be French."     





This one came as a surprise. Players can also change their club’s board’s priorities. Whether making them concentrate on youth development or focus on financial stability, players can now dictate the objectives in all categories. 


It is worth noting that domestic and regional priorities will be influenced by the team’s star rating as well as the league the club is operating in. There is a variety of board priority presets made available to help the players find the right philosophy for their club.     


Fans have been crying out for improvements in the Career Mode for years now. What used to be one of the game’s most popular modes had become dull and repetitive. But this time around, EA did answer their prayers by offering a bigger and better Career Mode.


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