Come for all the major happenings across the football world. Stay for the original content that explores, reflects on and celebrates the beautiful game.
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The Goalside View is an independent football website aimed at bringing you the biggest and most important updates from the world of football combined with thought-provoking writing that makes you reflect on and celebrate the beautiful game and the ingredients that make it.

Our content broadly falls under two categories:-


Essential football updates from the biggest leagues. Transfers, contract updates, injuries and other newsworthy stories can be viewed in this section.

Don't miss out on the major happenings in football beyond the matchday either. Be it a new kit launch, a boot deal or seeing what your favourite footballers are up to on social media, we've got you covered.


Home of The Goalside View’s original content, musings consists of opinions, reviews and reflections about the sport and its wider impact on the people and culture, and vice-versa.

Our match previews will help you get into the spirit of your favourite games, giving you a heads up on all the interesting stats/facts leading to the build-up and later, we’ll pick the bones out of the performances in our post-match reviews.

At times, you’ll also find us reminiscing about the characters and performances of bygone years or dwell on what’s on the horizon for the sport.


The Goalside View aims to bring stories, sans the click-baits and gossips, from on and off the pitch for every football fan out there. We hope to be a companion in your journey of supporting your team or just offer you a different view of the sport and everything that it touches.