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At The Goalside View, we strive to do justice to the beautiful game through our words. You’re welcome to add yours too.

Experience isn’t a pre-requisite. It could be your first ever article, but if it makes the cut quality-wise and your passion shines through, we would be glad to feature your work on TGV.

Write about anything, we’re not choosy about the topic. What has been going wrong at the club you support? Do you think the manager needs sacking or backing? You could explain to our readers which player, according to you, deserves his flowers but never gets it. Anything football.

All you need to do is to attach your piece in one of the following formats - ( doc, pdf, txt, odt and rtf) and send it over to If selected, it would be published under the section ‘MUSINGS’ – home of The Goalside View’s original content. To know more about our work, head to the About Us page.

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